Standard LCD Glass

Golden View Display has many products that are designed and ready to ship. Often we can provide just what you need from our existing stock. If the panel you need doesn’t exist, we can ship a prototype in just two weeks.


Part NumberDigit(s)D.H.Outline SizeProduct Description
GVDYTN014728.8930.48*22.86TN Reflective,3V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
GVDYTN0499412.750.8*30.48TN Reflective, 4.2V 1/3Duty 1/2Bias, With Metal Pins
GVDYTN010768.8963.5*22.86TN Reflective, 5V 1/4Duty 1/3Bias, With Metal Pins
GVDYTN080438.8930.48*22.86TN Reflective,5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
GVDYTN05872002-03-01 00:00:0012.750.7*30.5TN Reflective,3-5V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
GVDYTN0716412.750.8*30.5TN Reflective,3V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
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